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Meyer Mobile Locksmith Services offers both Residential and Commercial Locksmith services in the town of Washington California. With one small grocery store, hotel, restaurant, and a one-room schoolhouse, the beautiful town of Washington is the kind of community where residents leave their doors unlocked, and you won’t find bars on all the windows. Nevada County California is a wonderfully safe place to call home, however, residents still have Locksmith and security needs. Meyer Mobile Locksmith Services is proud to offer home and business owners the peace-of-mind they deserve – knowing that their property or investments are fully secured. Ever since 1975, we’ve worked hard to keep people on “the right side of a locked door.” If you are the owner of a business in Washington California and need the locks changed on your doors, or a resident who has lost their keys, Meyer Mobile Locksmith services is here to serve you. We proudly offer DISCOUNTS to Seniors, Veterans, and the disabled. As a MOBILE Locksmith, we come right to your doorstep! There’s no need to drive to a neighboring town for Locksmith services. We stay current on the very latest Industry technology – including the most advanced high-security locking systems. We are fully licensed, bonded, insured, and our hard work has earned us the title of the “Best Equipped Locksmith Truck” in the United States by The Locksmith Ledger. That being said, you are in good hands and can count on us to have the absolute best tools to preserve the integrity of your personal property. If you live in the town of Washington California and are in need of Nevada Counties very best Locksmith Services, please consider calling us first.

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